Five Senses Hotel

Residence Hotel & Club Donovaly brings completly new look at your holiday, weekend stay or business trip. The concept of The Hotel of Five Senses respects the holiday experienced with all your senses. Your attention here is directed beyound the boundaries of ordinary life and the rest just goes away.


Donovaly region is a magical place in the heart of Slovakia. It is a great starting point for your long walks, hiking or cykling tours. The woods, streams, meadows and mountain sceneries will become the balm for your soul.



You will experience a new adventure everyday. Donovaly region offers tens of adventure and adrenaline activities to you. Create your own one.


There is a place between the mountains, where you will feel comfortable and welcome. At Residence Hotel&Club we care for every detail and make your holiday an experience.  You will live the atmosphere of joyfull guests and children laughter, the atmosphere you are part of.


Our team of cooks loves to invent and experiment a lot. Of course in a good way. They always want to brign you more and more. And suddenly you will taste the whole world with the fresh, seasonal ingredients and recognize the real fantasy gastronomy.



Enter the paradise of body, mind, soul and touch of Ayurveda. You fill realize that even a simple thing may look completely different.