RESIDENCE HOTEL**** Donovaly brings a whole new perspective to your holiday, stay or business trip. The concept of the Hotel of the Five Senses takes care of the perception of the stay with all your senses, where other things go aside and your attention is directed beyond the limits of ordinary perception.

Donovaly is a magical place in the middle of Slovakia where you can go for walks, hiking or cycling. The view of the Donovaly forests, ravines, meadows and mountains is a balm for the soul.

A place where you will experience a different adventure every day. How it will look is up to you. Donovaly offers dozens of activities with the scent of adventure and adrenaline.

Exceptional HOTEL OF THE FIVE SENSES at Donovaly

In the middle of all the hills is a place where you will feel comfortable and where you will feel that we are happy about your visit. That place is with us at the Residence Hotel & Club, where we think about the details and turn your stay into an experience. At the hotel you will experience an atmosphere of guests having fun and children's laughter. An atmosphere that you are part of.

Our chefs often invent. But in a good way. They always want to bring something more, always more. And suddenly, you'll discover the flavours of the whole world from the freshest seasonal ingredients, until you realise how real gastronomy with imagination really is.

Enter a paradise of harmony of body, mind, soul, touch and feel of Ayurveda, where it can make even the ordinary look completely different.

We want you to spend moments that you will perceive with all your senses, so experience a stay with us that will be a symphony of the five senses.