Chef of Residence Hotel****

Andrej is the newest member of our Residence family. He is a smart young man who is part of the Slovak national team of chefs @slovak_culinary_team. Since he was 25 years old, he has been gaining experience as a chef in premium restaurants and hotels in Banská Bystrica and its surroundings. In addition, since 2015 he has been working as a mentor and advisor for a catering company from the village of Poniky.

He has had many successes at a young age and we believe that he will conquer the challenge of being a chef in our hotel.

- Double winner of the "Duel of the Chefs" 2019 and 2023
- In 2018/2019 the winner of the Master Chef of Slovakia competition.
- 2023 judge of the Bocuse d Or ("GASTRO OSCAR")
- Regular participant in gastronomic events all over the country whether as a competitor, evaluation commissioner or performer

We asked Andrej what gastronomy means to him.
"For me, it is the sum of science, the science of gourmet, and the culinary arts, where I always try to elevate an ordinary dish to an artistic level.
For me personally, it's not just an ordinary job, but above all a passion and a mission where I can fully open my mind and creativity and materialize it on the plate.

That's why I follow a few mottos from the world's top chefs, such as:
Marco Pierre White: "Cooking is a philosophy; not a recipe" and
"success is born of arrogance, but freedom is born of humility!"

Just as it is true that one learns throughout one's life, this is doubly true for chefs and cooks, every day is a challenge for me to learn something new and move one step forward."