Classic massages and body treatments

We offer a wide range of classic massages and body treatments.

Massage positively affects the physical and psychological state of a person, it is very beneficial for many health problems, injuries or stress. All massages benefit the muscular system, relax tense muscles and tones flabby muscles, on the contrary. They promote blood and lymphatic circulation.

A classic manicure is one of the basic care for your nails. Nails and hands will be beautifully groomed, healthy and become your accessory. And the same goes for your feet.

Your feet deserve attention and care just like any other part of your body. The sight of beautifully soft and treated feet will make you very happy during the summer. Don't hesitate to book a classic pedicure with us.


We recommend booking massages and beauty treatments and checking availability before you arrive, or at least a day in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

Reservations for wellness treatments can be made by calling +421 917 432 511 or by emailing